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  Mission Statement  

Purpose: Empower students for success through a rigorous and engaing course of study.

Vision:  Provide opportunity for access to an affordable four-year college or university of our students' choice.


  About The School  

Early College High School Begins

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Early College High School Begins

Coastal Carolina Community College and Onslow County Schools welcomed their first Early College High School students to campus August 7, 2017.

Principal Jay Strope greeted the 54 students in their new digs in the Ragsdale Building on the campus of Coastal Carolina Community College. Students admitted to feeling a bit nervous, but very excited about beginning this new adventure.

Students will take one college class and three high school classes each semester during their freshman and sophomore year. This schedule will allow them to complete many of their high school diploma requirements during this time.  Once they become juniors and seniors they will take all college courses. Strope says soon each student will begin working with the school counselor, college liaison and himself to determine the best college transfer pathway.  This pathway will determine the courses each student takes during their junior and senior year.

Students will have the opportunity to earn their high school diploma and an Associate Degree simultaneously.  That means that at the end of high school, many students will have completed their first two years of college coursework and can choose to transfer to a four-year college to complete a four-year degree.  Other students may choose to continue coursework at the community college or enter a career of their choice.